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Anglo have a range of 19” racks and accessories designed for longevity, optimised functionality and workspace integration.
Anglorack - BCNZ Range
Originally manufactured for Kordia (formally Broadcast New Zealand) this Aluminium Extrusion Rack continues to be in high demand today. With its uncomplicated design giving plenty of unheeded room to work around the equipment it proves more is not always best. This range also has the following features;
  • Strong, simple construction that will last the rigors of time.
  • Tapped equipment mounting holes.
  • Easy assembled in less than 1 hour.
  • Available in a range of sizes from 25U up to 60U and variable depths.
  • Full range of accessories including steel panels and doors, extra strong shelves, power outlet boxes, cable management trays to name but a few.
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Anglorack - Classic Range
This sheet metal rack follows the BCNZ RANGE classic uncomplicated design and is extremely versatile. Unique in its design as it allows mounting of equipment on the sides as well as front and back. With its sturdy construction the Anglorack Classic Range is often used for battery storage and is able to support almost 1 tonne of batteries and the control equipment in the same rack. Other great features include;
  • Standard range of sizes available off the shelf 19”*19”, 19”*24”, 19”*38” (can be used as 2* 19” side by side or 19” and 38” deep). Note: special sizes are also available on request.
  • Standard range of heights 18U, 26U, 34U, 42U, 50U.
  • Designed for longevity and optimised functionality.
  • Great workspace integration.
  • Able to be seismically certified for most applications
    Unique post design doubles as an easy cable management area allowing separation of power and comms into different posts.
  • Adjustable post option allows for mounting of equipment back from the front posts or adding additional equipment mounting behind the front posts.
  • Full range of accessories including a full range of solid and vented steel panels and doors, brush panel cable entry, power outlet boxes, super heavy duty shelves, cable management equipment
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Anglorack - Wall Mounted Cabinets
A little gem of a product that follows the Anglorack range with its uncomplicated design. 6 panels are all that’s required to make up this simple but effective cabinet. Sporting ventilation slots top and bottom this is a great option for securing small 19” equipment where a full rack may not be necessary.
  • Sizes range from 3U high to 15U high
  • Additional extras can include a cantilever shelf and a steel or perspex door to suit
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Design and Make
At Anglo we understand that sometimes the standard rack just won’t suit your requirements. Talk to us about a custom solution for your equipment and functionality. We can cater for all sorts of requirements.
  • IP Rating
  • Flexible mounting options
  • Seismic certification
  • Special material and or finish
  • Bespoke design
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With over 40 years experience in the industry we doubt if there isn’t an accessory we haven’t seen or made before. Anglo has a complete range of shelves, brackets, panels, and more to suit your requirement. If we don’t have what you are looking for we will help deign it and make it for you. With the addition of our new Laser Cutting Machine small runs are not an issue.

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